Anandamaya Wellness Center is a unique health care center working on the Vendanta concept of Panchakosha theory, which implements the tools required to bring in a state of Anandamaya
Anandamaya’s Wellness Programs
(Therapies are administered exclusively & personally by the Physician)

Tariff* (INR / USD)
Wellness Consultation
30 min Rs.500 / USD 10

Yoga Consultation
Natural Healing therapy Duration / Session Tariff* (INR / USD)
1 Day 7 Days
(Yoga – Wellness)
60 min Rs.700
USD 12
USD 77
Yoga therapy 60 min Rs.700
USD 12
USD 77
Meditation / Pranayama 45 min Rs.700
USD 12
USD 77
Terms & Conditions
  • Yoga therapy & Yoga-Wellness classes are instructed exclusively & personally by the Doctor on one-on-one basis only.
  • The package does not include Wellness Consultation. Other therapies, if required are charged as per actual costs mentioned.
  • The yoga therapy classes are meant for addressing ailments like Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Respiratory allergies, Cervical and Lumbar spondylosis, Arthritis, Bronchial asthma, Allergic bronchitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Gastritis, Anxiety neurosis, Depression and Eye disorders like Myopia.
  • Clients/ patients are advised to continue their practice for a minimum of 6 months for effective results.
  • Full payment to be made at the start of the Program.
  • No cancellation and refunds are encouraged.
Wellness programs Duration / Session Tariff* (INR / USD)
1 Session 7 Sessions
60 min Rs.3,500
USD 70
USD 490
(Detox – Rejuvenate)
(Aroma foot soak, Herbal Compress or Aromatherapy)
90 min Rs.4,000
USD 80
USD 560

Anandamaya’s Natural healing therapies
Natural Healing Therapies Duration / Session Tariff* (INR / USD)
1 Session 7 Sessions
Acupuncture* 45 Min Rs.1,000
USD 16
USD 105
Acupressure 30 Min Rs.900
USD 15
USD 90
Counselling 30 Min Rs.500
USD 10
USD 70
Diet counselling
(Based on Ayurvedic concepts)
30 Min Rs.800
USD 13
USD 55
Eye & Abdomen Compress 30 Min Rs.2,000
USD 35
USD 230
Reflexology 45 Min Rs.1,000
USD 16
USD 120
Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage
(Ayurvedic / Swedish / Acu-point)
30 Min Rs.1,500
USD 30
USD 170
Therapeutic Back Massage
(Ayurvedic / Swedish / Acu-point)
30 Min Rs.1,500
USD 30
USD 170
*Tariff subject to change without prior notice

  • The natural healing therapies are administered with the consent of the wellness client after a wellness consultation.
  • All natural healing therapies are administered personally by the Doctor.
  • Full payment to be done at the start of Natural healing therapy.
  • Cancellation will attract actual cost of the session.
  • Every extra 15 minutes of any session is charged respectively.
  • All services address only for therapeutic purpose.
  • All MASTER and VISA Credit / Debit cards are accepted.
  • The USD is just indicative, exchange rates are applicable based on the day of transaction done.
  • We require a 24 hr notice for cancelling appointments in order to schedule another patient / wellness client. If we do not get 24 hr notice, the fees paid in advance will be forfieted for the session or if not paid in advance, the session is chargeable.
  • Limited appointments are given per day to provide quality health care.
  • *Cost per session of Acupuncture includes 30 needles per session.
Any extra needles required is chargeable at Rs 14 per needle.

Anandamaya Wellness Center
Anandamaya Wellness center adopts the Vedic wellness concepts for natural healing solutions. Vedic wellness concepts intend at restoring homeostatic state of physical, emotional, mental and intellectual sheaths of the human being.
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