Yoga is an ancient Indian science meant to bring in balance between all the planes namely Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vijnanamaya & Anandamaya koshas through its unique & time-tested practices making it a holistic healing science
Natural Healing Therapies

The natural healing therapies administered at Anandamaya adresses the Wellness of its clientele.

Wellness is a homeostatic state of the Physical, the Breath, the Mind and the Intellect which manifests the hidden potential of the human being.

The different natural healing therapies at Anandamaya are -

The different traditional medical sciences integrated and personalized at Anandamaya are -

Anandamaya Wellness Center
Anandamaya Wellness center adopts the Vedic wellness concepts for natural healing solutions. Vedic wellness concepts intend at restoring homeostatic state of physical, emotional, mental and intellectual sheaths of the human being.
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